Cruise ports by region/country

Cruise departure ports in Indonesia

City or port
Cruising schedule Port Location
Jakarta Jakarta Cruises Port details
Denpasar,  Bali
Denpasar (Bali) Cruises

Ports of call in Indonesia

Agats, Asmat Region Agats, Asmat Region Cruises  
Alor Island Alor Island Cruises  
Ambon Island Ambon Island Cruises  
Badas Islands Badas Islands Cruises  
Banda Aceh Banda Aceh Cruises  
Banda Islands Banda Islands Cruises  
Belawan Belawan Cruises  
Belitung Belitung Cruises  
Benkulu Benkulu Cruises  
Celukan Bawang Celukan Bawang Cruises  
Denpasar (Bali) Denpasar (Bali) Cruises  
Jakarta Jakarta Cruises Port details
Karimunjawa Karimunjawa Cruises  
Kei Islands Kei Islands Cruises  
Kodi Kodi Cruises  
Komodo Island Komodo Island Cruises  
Krakatau Krakatau Cruises  
Kumai Kumai Cruises  
Kupang Kupang Cruises  
Lembar Lembar Cruises  
Makassar Makassar Cruises  
Mangalore Mangalore Cruises  
Nias Island Nias Island Cruises  
Padang Padang Cruises  
Palopo Palopo Cruises  
Pasuruan Pasuruan Cruises  
Probolinggo Probolinggo Cruises  
Pulau Banta Pulau Banta Cruises  
Pulau Gam (Raja Ampat) Pulau Gam (Raja Ampat) Cruises  
Pulau Jengkulan, Tembelan Islands Pulau Jengkulan, Tembelan Islands Cruises  
Pulau Rinca Pulau Rinca Cruises  
Pulau Simeulue Pulau Simeulue Cruises  
Pulau Weh Pulau Weh Cruises  
Savu Savu Cruises  
Semarang Semarang Cruises  
Sorong Sorong Cruises  
Sumenep Sumenep Cruises  
Surabaya Surabaya Cruises  
Tanjung Wangi Tanjung Wangi Cruises  
Ternate Island Ternate Island Cruises  
Triton Bay Triton Bay Cruises  
Ujung Kulon Ujung Kulon Cruises  
Wayag Island Wayag Island Cruises  



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Batam hotels |
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Kalimantan Tengah hotels |
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Papua hotels |
Maluku Utara hotels |

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