Cruise ports by region/country

Cruise departure ports in United Kingdom

City or port
Cruising schedule Port Location
Aberdeen Aberdeen Cruises  
Belfast Belfast Cruises  
Bristol Bristol Cruises  
Cowes (Isle of Wight) Cowes Cruises  
Dartmouth Dartmouth Cruises  
Douglas Douglas Cruises  
Dover Dover Cruises  
Dundee Dundee Cruises  
Edinburgh Edinburgh Cruises  
Falmouth Falmouth Cruises  
Fort William Fort William Cruises  
Fowey Fowey Cruises  
Greenock Greenock Cruises  
Greenwich Greenwich Cruises  
Guernsey Guernsey Cruises  
Holyhead Holyhead Cruises  
 Hull Map
Invergordon Invergordon Cruises  
Inverness Inverness Cruises  
Isle of May Isle of May Cruises  
Killybegs Killybegs Cruises  
Lerwick Lerwick Cruises  
Liverpool Liverpool Cruises  
London London Cruises  
Londonderry Londonderry Cruises  
Milford Haven Milford Haven Cruises  
Newcastle Newcastle Cruises  
Newhaven (Edinburgh) Newhaven (Edinburgh) Cruises  
Oban Oban Cruises  
Orkney Islands Orkney Islands Cruises  
Plymouth Plymouth Cruises  
Portland Portland Cruises  
Portree Portree Cruises  
Portrush Portrush Cruises  
Portsmouth Portsmouth Cruises  
Rosyth Rosyth Cruises  
Scrabster Scrabster Cruises  
South Queensferry South Queensferry Cruises  
Southampton Southampton Cruises  
St Helier St Helier Cruises  
Staffa Island Staffa Island Cruises  
Stornoway Stornoway Cruises  
Tilbury Cruises Tilbury Cruises  
Tresco Island Tresco Island Cruises  
Ullapool Ullapool Cruises  



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